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IMG_1094My name is Michaela Garberg, I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and I’m currently living in Accra, Ghana. At the moment I’m taking an online master’s program in communication for development while at the same time working on the start up of Color me Ghana. Being here in Ghana also allows me to visit the orphanage every so often, to help out or just spend time with the kids.

I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and teaching experience from (pre)schools in Sweden and Ghana. I’ve also taught as a volunteer in Ghana, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

Since I was a child I’ve been passionate about children’s rights and equality on a global scale, so for me to take the step and start a social enterprise like Color me Ghana wasn’t perhaps very unexpected, even though it has taken me quite some time to figure out the best way to move forward. Now I’m sincerely hoping that the business will be successful, especially for the sake of the kids.

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