Two years ago I came back to Ghana for two months to write my bachelor’s thesis, and I didn’t want to leave! Of course I had to, so I went back to Sweden for the summer to finish my thesis and graduate. For my birthday in June, I celebrated with lots of lovely friends from home, but also with great friends from Switzerland, Hong Kong and Finland (whom I got to know during my exchange semester in Hong Kong). Instead of gifts I asked them to support the orphanage, and this is the money I’m using to start up Color me Ghana. They will probably be happy to know that the money is finally going to benefit the children! It has taken some time because I wanted to make sure that the contributions would be used to achieve a more long term impact.

After the summer I returned to Accra, went for an interview fresh off the plane, and started working at the school the following day. Even though I enjoyed the teaching a lot, it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. The days were long and tiring and I couldn’t spend as much time at the orphanage as I would have wanted to. After discussions with those in charge at the orphanage, as well as with friends and family, and after having discarded a lot of different ideas for different reasons, I settled for the idea of selling African print accessories online to customers in Sweden. I was already in love with the colorful fabrics and different designs and had acquired a number of clutch bags and purses, so it seemed like the perfect idea. I believe that these products have the potential to make it big outside of Ghana as well.

I have met with several producers for the past year, to find the ones that I can work with for Color me Ghana. I want to make sure that the products will be of good quality, while at the same time making sure to work with small scale artisans who are making the products themselves, I don’t want to have to go through any middle hands. Things are finally starting to come together so I’m hoping to be able to launch the web shop within a not too distant future.

With this blog I want to introduce you to the children of the orphanage, to life in the town in Eastern region and the country of Ghana, as well as the business and all the amazing people involved in this project.

I hope that you will enjoy the reading as well as our beautiful products. Be inspired, add some color to your life; color you Ghana!

Sincerely yours,

IMG_2346 Even after having learned to walk it’s still nice to be carried around sometimes. Ama is carrying Cassandra on a tired afternoon.

IMG_2523 Yaw Atta, Paakwesi, Kobi and Sammy are curious to examine a visitor’s bike.

IMG_2658 Felicia and Afia :)