When planning for the realization of Color me Ghana I made up my mind quite early that I wanted to have one of all the amazing, colorful fabrics to be found in Ghana as our “signature” fabric. Choosing one of the traditional kente cloth also seemed like a given. As I have written previously there are over three hundred different kente designs in Ghana, so I got down to research. I was back home in Sweden at the time hence Google was my best friend.

After some research online I found this kente fabric which is called Sika fre mogya, meaning ‘Money attracts blood relations’. The name is in one way an indication of the strong expectations in the Ghanaian society that a successful and wealthy relative has the obligation to share his or her blessings with the less fortunate family members. The sense of community in Ghana is in general very strong, mostly for the better but sometimes for the worst. It can get a bit overwhelming, and impossible, to meet the needs of all those who feel like you should help them in some way.

Sika fre mogya does however also have the meaning ‘Wealth strengthens the family bonds’ and illustrate the moral necessity for those who have made it to share what they have with family members. This kente fabric is a symbol of family relations, responsibility, hard work and sharing. This is the philosophy inspiring the work at Color me Ghana. It is everyone’s own responsibility to play the card they’ve been given to the best of their ability, but not all of us get dealt the same hand, some are more fortunate and others less so. A child don’t get to choose their parents or their circumstances in life, and at Color me Ghana we believe that it is the adult worlds joint responsibility to do what we can to level out the playing field and offer better opportunities for those who couldn’t receive this from their biological parents. We may not be family members by blood but can be so by choice. Therefore Sika fre mogya seemed like the perfect choice as our signature fabric.

The Color me Ghana Sika fre mogya, bought at Makola market in Accra.

The Color me Ghana Sika fre mogya, bought at Makola market in Accra.


Sika fre mogya, pic found online at Wikipedia.