imageFinally the woven tags that I had ordered arrived last week, and I have to say that they are looking good! I was a bit nervous about how they were going to turn out since I ordered them online and couldn’t be completely sure about the quality beforehand. My initial intention was to find someone here in Accra who could make them for me and after making some inquiries I found someone who knew of someone who made that type of labels, but she had lost the number so we were planning to meet up and go there together. After having repeatedly attempted to find a time to go to the place but continuously something came up for either one of us, I gave up on the idea and ordered them from China instead. Gyasi had found a producer that seemed reliable and I just wanted to get it done so we could move forward. And now I have them!

Unfortunately they messed up the paper hang tags that I had ordered, but that will be a later issue.image

Yesterday we went to Makola, the big market in central Accra, where I bought t-shirts and fabric which I’m going to bring to the seamstress on Monday. I’m also planning on meeting with the lady who makes beautiful clutch bags on Monday, now that I have the tags I’m hoping that she can make some bags for me before I’m going home for the summer in ten days. When I’m back in Ghana in the fall I want to expand on the range of products, but for starters I’m looking at bringing back clutch bags, t-shirts and slippers. Time is running short, but fingers crossed I’ll be able to bring some different items back with me! We are making progress, small small or kakraa kakraa as we say here in Ghana!
imagePart of the busy market scene at Makola.