Last Saturday I travelled to the village in the morning to visit the orphanage, and therefore I didn’t post anything, so a bit delayed, here it comes. It’s been a while since I spent time in the village so it was great to be back with these wonderful kids!

In the afternoon I spent some time talking to Maa Philo and afterwards Atsu, the oldest boy at the orphanage, took me to the site where the new orphanage building is being put up. A German, former volunteer at the orphanage has been doing a lot of fundraising for the building and they have gotten quite far by now. The building where the orphanage is currently located is rented and they have been asked to move out, so the new building is definitely needed.

By 6 pm lights went off, true to dumsor standards (if you missed my previous post and are wondering what dumsor is, check out the post here Dumsor ). That didn’t stop the kids from enjoying the evening though. Someone brought out a small, but loud, portable speaker. The moon was almost full so the night was quite bright. To the azonto music the kids started dancing and showing their new acrobatic tricks.

IMG_3416[1]Kofi Teak, Junior and Paa Yaw made a car. The kids were laughing so hard when I showed them the picture, maybe because of the way Paa Yaw is holding Kofi Teak’s ears to steer the car.

IMG_3418Kofi Teak, Junior, Paa Yaw and Kweku made an airplane.

IMG_3421Paa Yaw, Kofi Teak and Junior made a motorbike.

IMG_3422Kofi Teak, Paa Yaw, Junior, Paakwasi and Kwaku made another car. The kids were also highly amused by the reflections of the flash in their eyes in the pictures.